T, U, V, and W Days

Letter T- Thousands Day

Today was Thousands Day.  We arranged numbers.  It was fun.  We also played a number game and made a thousands cube.  It was fun.  I Love Thousands Day. -Bridgette

Letter U- Un-day

Today was UnDay.  We learned about Palindromes, we drew our names backwards, we drew under our desks, sat in our chairs backwards and watched a movie.  Happy “NU YAD”.   -Kiara

Letter V-Vacation Day

Today was vacation day.  We made flipflops for vacation day.  We also watched a vacation movie.  -Issy

Letter W- Weather Day

It’s letter W Day.  We get to do a weather packet and we watched a movie and we had an amazing day. -Alyiah


P,Q, R, and S Days

Letter P- Puzzle Day

Today we did puzzles on computer and a puzzle page.  We also made our own puzzles. -David G.

Letter Q- Queen and King Day

Today is Q Day for Queen Day.  We got to bring a crown. -Anthony

Letter R- Rock Day

We had to bring rocks from home and bring it to school.  We did a packet about rocks.  We went to the cafeteria to learn about rocks and get rocks.  We got the rocks from the AJ Rock Club.  Letter R was my favorite. -Kiara

May 10, 2017 from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter S- Salsa Day

Today was Salsa day.  We did a taste competition.  We had chips and salsa party.  We ate chips and salsa. -Issy



L, M, N, and O days

Letter L- Lunch Day

Today was lunch and lemonade day.  We ate our lunch in the classroom and we drank lemonade. -Kiara



Letter M- Match and Movie Day

Today was letter M Day.  We had movie and match day. -Issy

Letter N- Number Day

Today was letter N day for Number day.  We did number games and it was a fun day. -Hunter V.

Letter O- Orange Day

Today is O day and on O day we had to wear Orange or you could bring something that is orange. -Mikayla