H, I, J, and K Days

Letter H- Hat Day

Today was Letter H day.  For Hat day we got to wear our favorite hat. -Hunter V.

Today Mrs. Miller out on pretty hats. -Josy

Letter I- Insect Day

Today was insect day.  We made insects by blocks and we saw a movie for insect day and watched a video. -Kathie


Letter J- Joke Day

Q: Where do cows like to go on the weekend?    A:To the Moovies

Q: What has 4 wheels and flies?      A: Garbage Truck

Q: What is a boxers favorite drink    A:Fruit Punch

Q: Where do fish sleep?    A: Waterbed

Q: What do you call a broken can opener?    A: A can’t opener

Q: What does the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean?  A: Nothing, it just waves.


Letter K- Kindness Day

I am being kind today.  I love being kind because it make me happy and I gave a note to Mrs. Farris, Mrs. Miller, Alyiah, Kathie and Kailee. -Kiara





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