Adventures with Lollipop

Our first few weeks of taking turns with babysitting Lollipop went quickly.  Here is what Lollipop was up to…

“We were watching movies, reading and walking.  We were having fun and he is happy to be with me.  This is the best day ever!!!!

Me and Lollipop were together and reading and he said that he likes his adventures.  We are at chapter 3, Sad-Mad-Bad.  It is page 22.  I like my day and Lollipop does too!!!

I love being with Lollipop and we are at a soccer game.  We are having fun.”

-Written  by: Kiara



We went out with me to dinner.  I showed my friends in the neighborhood.  He watched me play video games.  It was fun.

-Written by: Colton


Me and Lollipop had a doughnut and did our homework.  Then we watched cartoons.  Then ate dinner.  Then read our book.  Then went to bed.

-Written by Mikayla

img_0427 img_0429


Lollipop and I played and watched movies and this is the best day ever!  Lollipop and I read for 30 minutes of Humphrey and he liked it.  Now I’m sad because I have to bring him to our class and another kid will get Lollipop and he will have another adventure.

-Written by: Hunter


Lollipop and I are going to my aunt’s the 16th and 17th.  I am going to my birthday party.  I skated at Skateland with Lollipop.  Me and Lollipop went for a walk and we went to my friend’s house and we jumped on the trampoline.  Best day ever!

-Written by: Kailee


I was having fun with Lollipop at a lot of cool places.  I took him for a ride.  We ate together.  We played games together.  Lollipop played with my little sister Sofia.

-Written by: Hector


Lollipop is a good colorer.  He is the best colorer ever!  I have colored 6 pages with Lollipop.  Lollipop walked to the bus stop with me.

-Written by: Issy