New Friends In Class

Last week we started reading our One Book, One District book.  Friendship According to Humphrey is a lovable story about a classroom hamster who has been forced to share his classroom with a new class pet, Og the Frog.  Our class has taken to this story fast and are doing great reading it at home.

Here are our new class pets.

First, we have Lollipop who is a dear sweet hamster who will be taking turns going  home with students.  The children will need to journal about the time they spend with Lollipop and return him safe and sound the next day.  Keep an eye out for Lollipop.


Now, here are our real class pets!  We have frogs in our class too!  Meet Leo and Rosie!  We have already had fun watching them swim, eat and play.  There is also a snail who is hiding in the background.  Do you see it?


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