Class Community

We learned all about our words and how once we say something, we can not take it back.

We first broke into groups and squeezed out all the toothpaste from the tube.

IMG_20160811_095520871 IMG_20160811_095526975

IMG_20160811_095532105 IMG_20160811_095538483

The competition in the groups began once the teacher told us to put all the toothpaste back into the tubes.  The first team to get all the toothpaste back into the tube would win!

IMG_20160811_095803632 IMG_20160811_095825958 IMG_20160811_095839885 IMG_20160811_095857948 IMG_20160811_095918238

What did we learn?  We first learned that we are not able to get the toothpaste (any of it) back into the tube once we have squirted it all out.  Then we learned this is a lot like our words.  Once we say something, we can not take it back, even with a “sorry”.  We are a part of the classroom community and we need to respect each other and be cautious of our words.



2 thoughts on “Class Community

  1. Dear Class,

    What a fun and very valuable lesson you learned! Please remember it while in your classroom, on the playground, and any where else at school and at home. We are FPES community and we should always foster excellence in our friendships. Thank you Mrs. Miller for this lesson!

    Mrs. Farris

  2. Dear Mrs.Miller,

    I love your class I remember when I was in it. What fun project are you doing? How do you like your class

    Your friend,

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