Letter P Day



Today was letter P day.  It was puzzle day.  We got to do puzzles.  It was fun. -Reported by Aylana

Letter O Day


Today was letter “O” day and we did orange stuff.  We even did an all orange picture. -Reported by: Cathrine

Letter N Day


Today was letter N Day today for number day.  We played a game where the teacher tried to guess our number. -Reported by Ben C.

Today was number day.  We did Suduko and a number packet. -Reported by Peyton


Letter M Day


Today was Match Day.  We would find a friend and match clothes or anything to wear.  We also did matching games. Today was fun.


Even Mrs. Miller’s family matched today!


Letter L Day


Today was letter L day, Lunch Day.  We ate in the class and we learned about the food pyramid.  I love lunch day.  -Reported by: Dominic



Letter K Day


Today was letter K day for Kindness Day.  We did cards and we did nice things.  -Reported by: Lauralyn

Today was kindness day.  We had to be kind to everyone.  We also wrote kind notes. -Peyton




Letter J Day


Today was Joke Day.  Why is a ghost a bad liar?

Answer: Because you can see right through him. -Reported by Samuel


Today was “J” day.  we did jokes.  My favorite was, “What is brown and sticky?”

Answer: A stick.  -Reported by Connor


Today was Letter J day.  My favorite joke is “Where did the Easter Bunny go for breakfast?”

Answer: IHOP  -Reported by: Kaylee