Letter I Day


Today was I day.  It was insect day.  Here’s a fact, insects have 6 legs. -Reported by: Justus


Today was insect day.  We got to draw insects on ipads.  I think it’s cool how long insects can get. -Reported by: Jesse


Today is I day.  Insect day and we made an insect or arachnid, which is a spide.  Spiders have 8 legs and “bugs” have 6 legs.  Spiders have 2 body parts and “bugs” do not.  They have 3 parts. -Reported by: Easten

Today was “I” day.  We watched a video and had fun.  We did fun stuff and we made an insect.  Insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts. -Reported by: Ben B.


Insect Day from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter H day


Today was “H” Day.  I brought my favorite hat.  We took a picture in front of the room. -Reported by: Czahara


Today was hat day, H day.  We got to draw a picture of our favorite hat.  We had fun. -Reported by: Christina


Letter G Day


Today was letter G Day.  Today all of us played games.  We played Battleship and that kind of stuff. -Reported by: Trevor

Today was letter G Day, Game Day.  We got to play board games like Uno, Battleship, Monopoly, and Connect 4.  I love game day very much. -Reported by: Dominic

Letter F Day


Today was letter F day, favorite day.  I wore my favorite clothes and brought my favorite football. -Reported by: Easton

Letter D Day


Letter D is Dictionary Day and we learned about dictionaries.  They are in ABC order, tell what a word means, syllables in words and what guide words are.

-Reported by: Easten


Today is “D” Day.  We got facts from the dictionary.  It is in ABC order.  It helps your brain.

-Reported by: Farrah

Letter C Day



Today was Cookie Day for C Day.  I brought Oreo’s Family Size.  We ate so many cookies.  But basically, we did a lot of cookie things.

-Reported by: Sophie


Today was letter “C” Day.  We got to eat cookies in class.  Then at the end of the day we got a bag of cookies to take home.  It was very very fun.

-Reported by: Connor

Letter B Day

Letter B Day



“Today was letter B day.  We read books.  And we filled in a worm to see how many books we read.  Then we read under our desks.  Next, we copied the front of our favorite book cover.”   Reported by: Zoe

“Today is “B” Day.  I brought my first book I read.  We did the bookworm and we read under our desks.”   Reported by: Farrah

Our ABC Countdown has begun!!!

We have started our countdown to the last day of school.  We still have so much to learn and focus on so this will help us still have fun.  Each day will be a new letter with a different theme.  Follow us and see what we have been up to.

Today was Letter A Day.


See what our class has to say about it.


“Today was letter A day.  It was all about me day.  We made a Robot about us and shared them with our friends.”- Lindsay