Student of the month for September


Connor was chosen to be student of the month for our class and here are some of the reasons why.  Congratulation Connor!!


Because he was fostering excellence and being a good example.

Because he is good and great.

He got picked because he did his homework and listened to the teacher and he is good in class.  And he even was nice to me.

Because he helped people.  It was hard, so hard, but he did it.

Because he was quite and he did everything he was supposed to.  He was great.  He never moved his star down from green.  All I am saying, he is great.

Just because he is good in class and because he is nice at the playground.

Connor was picked because he gets on purple or green.

Connor was helping people on the playground and listening to the teacher.

I think he got picked because he cares about people and he is nice to everybody.

I think Connor got student of the month because he always picks up the buckets.

I think Connor got student of the month because he was not absent and he treated others by example.

Connor was good in class.  He was helping people.

Because he is a straight A student and is very helpful.

Connor is the student of the month because helps helps everyone on the playground.

Connor was picked because he wrote good and fostered excellence and helped others by example and didn’t hurt others.

He got student of the month because he got green everyday.

Connor was chosen because he was caring and was nice to people.

Because he was good.

Because he was always on green.

Connor has been nice to people.  Connor plays and shares with people.  Connor helps other kids.

Connor got picked because he does his work all the time and he got the first fast award in our class and he is awesome.

I think he got student of the month because he was so very nice to people and so helpful.  Good job Connor!

I think Connor was student of the month because he does his work, he does is homework, he did not miss a day of school, and he did not move his star down!!!

Because he was good on the playground and he always does his work.  And he is nice to friends.

This is why I think he was chosen, Connor is always respectful, helpful, and a good great friend to have.




Dot Day

September 15th was International Dot Day and our class had fun being part of all the fun.  We read the story The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds.  We participated by doing different “dot” activities.  Watch the video below to see what we did.

dot day from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.



If you want to watch a video of the story we read, it is here on Tumblebooks.

The Dot