A Packed First Week

We had a fun first week back with a lot of “getting to know each other” activities.  We also had many discussions on being a good classmate.  Here are a few lessons we learned from…

First, we did an activity with band-aids.  Mrs. Miller pretended she was the best doctor in the world and could fix any problem.  We had 5 problems…

Dr. Miller fixed everyone with a band-aid.  The class realized that the band-aid only fixed the finger with the cut on it and did nothing for the other problems.  We then talked about how a classroom has different students who need help in different areas and we have to respect each other for our differences.

Our next lesson we learned was the power of our words.  We were challenged to squeeze all the toothpaste out of the tubes in groups.  The students had to then try and get the toothpaste back into the tubes.

We learned the words can come out of our mouths easily but once they are said, we can not take them back.  We need to make sure our words are kind and helpful.

Ready for a new year!

As the summer comes to an end, I have been super busy in my classroom getting things ready for this new school year.

Over the summer I was busy finding new things to do this year in my class and trying to relax.

My family took a trip and swam in the second deepest lake in the United States.  Do you know where we went?