What Is A Diagram?

In the middle of learning about penguins, we needed to fill in a diagram on one.  We paused a moment and the students told me what a diagram was.  Here is what they came up with.

2014-12-10 10.07.11



Is there anything you can think of we might have forgotten?



Then we filled in our penguin diagrams.


2014-12-10 10.08.03 2014-12-10 10.10.20 2014-12-10 10.10.30

Some Holiday Fun

Our class has gotten into the holiday spirit.  Today was super busy with two big projects.  The first thing we worked on was a picture grid.  Each student was given a different section to color and to follow the color code.  After everyone had colored their pieces, we started to put it together using the grid guidelines.  Here are some pictures.


The next big activity we did was gingerbread houses!  Oh the fun we had!!