What Is A Diagram?

In the middle of learning about penguins, we needed to fill in a diagram on one.  We paused a moment and the students told me what a diagram was.  Here is what they came up with.

2014-12-10 10.07.11



Is there anything you can think of we might have forgotten?



Then we filled in our penguin diagrams.


2014-12-10 10.08.03 2014-12-10 10.10.20 2014-12-10 10.10.30

Some Holiday Fun

Our class has gotten into the holiday spirit.  Today was super busy with two big projects.  The first thing we worked on was a picture grid.  Each student was given a different section to color and to follow the color code.  After everyone had colored their pieces, we started to put it together using the grid guidelines.  Here are some pictures.


The next big activity we did was gingerbread houses!  Oh the fun we had!!

November Student of the Month

It’s that time again!  Another student in our class was rewarded as Student of the Month.



November Riley was our choice and here are the class’ thoughts below…


She got student of the month for being good. -Shuler

Riley got the award because she did her work. -Daniel

Riley got the student of the month because she did her work and because she did good. -Cody

Riley was chosen because she fosters excellence in all she does.  She also practices random acts of kindness. -Ali

I think Riley got student of the month because she listens in class and doesn’t move her star down and she is kind. -Rylee

Because she is helpful and grateful. -Brandon

I think she was picked because she is a good friend, she is respectful to Mrs. Miller, good listener, does not break rules, and is quiet in library. -Maddy

Riley got student of the month because she is a role model, she never is disrespectful, and never talks back. -AJ

Because she was good and not bad.  Because she is fair, nice and great. -Tori

I think Riley got student of the month was because she was following the rules and listens to the teacher. -Carlos

She was kind to people and she helps Mrs. Miller and people. -Lela

Riley got student of the month because when the teacher was talking she didn’t. -Michael

She is nice to people. -Jasmine

I think because when she moved had to move her star down she always figured a way to move it back up. -Gavin

I think Riley was student of the month because she listens and is respectful and doesn’t be mean. -Bailey

She was kind. She was nice. She was helpful and she was kind to Carlos. -Xzander

Riley was student of the month I think she was good every day. -David

She is nice and kind.  She is a good listener. -Haley

Riley did good things for her class. -Noah

She was role model to the class and kind. -?

I think Riley is the student of the month is because she is good. -?

Whale Reports

Our class found out facts about whales.  We wrote reports to show all that we learned.  There were four groups that researched different types of whales.  The whales we researched were the Right Whale, Humpback Whale, Orca and Blue Whale.  After the reports were finished, we made new groups where every student became the “expert”  of their whale and shared the facts they learned.

After we shared our facts, we discussed the fact which students felt to be the most important, the SIZE!  We first discussed the average size of each whale, then organized the data from each whale.

Orca Whale- 25 feet

Right Whale- 55 feet

Humpback Whale- 48 feet

Blue Whale- 98 feet


As a teacher, I did not feel the students understood the true meaning of each size, so we took it outside.  We joined Mrs. Trisoliere’s class to see how long each whale really was.  Here are some pictures from the day.

2014-11-19 14.24.55

Orca Whale


2014-11-19 14.25.02

Right Whale


2014-11-19 14.25.19

Humpback Whale


2014-11-19 14.17.20

Blue Whale (WOW!!)


The students who learned about the Blue Whale also learned that its heart alone, is the size of a small car!  So we found one and stood around it.

2014-11-19 14.22.34


It took 18 kids to go around “the heart”.