We are working on alliteration in poetry.  What is alliteration?  It is a sentence where every word starts with the same letter.  Here are some of ours we made up in class…

Ali ate an apple again and again.

Bailey’s brother bragged because he bought a book before Bailey.

Dad is down in the dome. -written by Xzander, too hard to write with his name

Michael made mummies for Mummy World.

Lela loves little lions that are lost.

Jose is jumping rope on a jeep with juice.

Rylee remembered to run from roadrunners.

A.J. ate an apple at an alley and ate an almond.

Brandon baked barbeque beef with his brother.

Riley rode on the rope with her ruby ring.

Cody caught a coyote with his cousin.

Tori’s teacher will teach today and tomorrow.

Gavin the gazelle grazed green grass on the ground with a giraffe and goat.

Haley is happy she did her hard homework then got hurt.

Maddy’s monsters made muffins for mom.

Carlos is catching his cold cat.

Graham got a good gorilla.

Noah needs to make Nathan a necklace next November.


 Can you write one?  They are not as easy as they look.





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