Johnny Appleseed Day

We read a play in class about Johnny Appleseed and what he meant to our American History.  To celebrate his birthday,  Mrs. Miller brought in dried apples, apple slices, apple butter, apple pie (another pie brought in by Rylee too), and we attempted to make apple butter.  We also had apple juice and apple cider to try.  Before we tried all of our apple treats, we had to vote on our favorite.  Here are our results…

2014-09-26 11.38.44 2014-09-26 11.38.51


We also had fun taste testing.

After tasting, we got to change our results.  The apple butter never turned into apple butter so it was just like apple sauce.  

2014-09-30 07.25.14 2014-09-30 07.25.20

 This is how our voting changed after our tasty treats.

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