Johnny Appleseed Day

We read a play in class about Johnny Appleseed and what he meant to our American History.  To celebrate his birthday,  Mrs. Miller brought in dried apples, apple slices, apple butter, apple pie (another pie brought in by Rylee too), and we attempted to make apple butter.  We also had apple juice and apple cider to try.  Before we tried all of our apple treats, we had to vote on our favorite.  Here are our results…

2014-09-26 11.38.44 2014-09-26 11.38.51


We also had fun taste testing.

After tasting, we got to change our results.  The apple butter never turned into apple butter so it was just like apple sauce.  

2014-09-30 07.25.14 2014-09-30 07.25.20

 This is how our voting changed after our tasty treats.

Scavenger Hunt

We participated in a Frog Scavenger Hunt.  The hunt was for facts.  We took a sheet with questions on it and went to search for the answers around the room.  We found out facts like…

What do frog eggs feel like?

Do a tadpole’s front legs or back legs appear first?

Why don’t frogs live in the ocean?

Are adult frogs herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores?

Do you know the answers to any of these?

September Student of the Month

The student of the month for September was Rylee.  Our teacher could tell you all the reasons why she was picked, but let the students explain why they think the teacher picked her.

2014-09-29 15.29.26



Because she is nice and helpful.

She fosters excellence and she does kind things to people and friends.  She also helps the teacher.

Because she is the best kid and she has the best hand writing.

I think she always pays attention and she does her work.  She also follows directions and has good examples.

Rylee got student of the month because she is a role model and she works hard.

I think Rylee got student of the month because she was following directions and she didn’t get lunch detention.

Because she was good and fostered excellence and she is a good student.

She was good, she does her homework, she is kind and she helps.

She was quiet, nice and a good worker.

She was being good.

Because she  is nice and kind to people.

Because she is so so good!

She is quiet, she is never disrespectful, she tells the truth, and she never moves her star down.

Because she does the right things and is responsible.

Because she is a good listener to the teacher and listens good.

Because she wasn’t talking when the teacher was talking.

She is nice and she is quiet.

She is nice to people.

She was listening because she was learning.


Frogs and Toads

Our class has been learning a lot about frogs and toads.  We haven been busy putting all of our information into our own Lapbooks to showcase our learning.  Here is some of the new facts we have learned about.


“Frogs live on land near water.  Frogs can be eaten by snakes and birds.  Frogs hunt for spiders and flies.”-Rylee


“A tadpole breathes with its gills and it lives in the water.  It has a tail and growing legs.  It is eaten by dragon fly larvae and water beetles.” -Ali


“Frogs use their legs to jump high” -Makana


“I learned that water beetles eat tadpoles and dragonflies.  They smell and hear with vibrations.  Frogs have sight and hearing and breathes with lungs.” -Maddy

image image image

“Frogs have lots of prey like snakes, birds, wolves, foxes and people. Those are the prey” -A.J.

image image

“I learned that tadpoles have gills, and breathe with them.  I learned that there is a froglet too.” -Bailey