Building Vocabulary

We had our first set of vocabulary words last week and we decided to take time and act out the words.  Here are some pictures from the day.  Can use guess which word they are acting out?

Our words were spotted, handsome, sideways, sparkling, dull, and exciting.


2 thoughts on “Building Vocabulary

  1. Dear Mrs. Miller’s class,

    We had such a good time spending the afternoon with you! Thank you for sharing your classroom with us!

    I love learning vocabulary with movements! You’re actions are great. I am able to see several of your vocabulary words!

    Do you think acting out your words have helped you remember what they mean?

    Your friends,
    Miss Holmquist’s Class

  2. Dear Mrs. MIller’s class.

    Hi Mrs.Miller’s class. Your class looks so cool. Some of the pictures were hard to act I bet. what word were they acting. Anyways,your pictures looked amazing. Are you doing this again?

    Your, friend

    Ms. Myers class

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