It’s Summmer!


How is everyone’s summer going? I saw this picture and was amazed at the Lego skills.  It got me wondering if any of you have ever made anything from Legos? My daughter loves to follow the directions but my husband rather make up his own creations.  If you make a cool creation, send it to my email and I will post it on the blog. Start creating! Send to




6 thoughts on “It’s Summmer!

  1. Hi Mrs.Miller I missed you so much my summer been
    going great I get to house sit I get to take care of chickens
    and I might go to sun splash with my aunt destiney.
    I cant wait to see you around next year.

  2. Today is June 18 my 2 favorite day of all of summer
    the 1 was sun splash but today i’m going with my mom
    to four peaks school were going to go inside I am also
    going to my moms apoitment and to see my grandma
    get her blood work done.

  3. Hey is me Nevaeh my cousin’s spending the night and after that im going to Katie’s house is going to be fun last time i went there
    I was sick i cant wait you should show Arlie and Makenna
    a website called it is fun.

  4. Dear, Mrs.Miller,
    Wow I really like Olaf picture of Lego.
    Did your daughter make it?
    It is really like Sven of Frozen too.

    your new friend

  5. Dear,Miss.Miller
    I like your picture of Olaf. Miss.Miller how did you get all of the legos to make giant figure ? Maybe I could get Ms.Myers to do some thing like that.


  6. Dear Mrs.Miller,

    I really like your Olaf! My favorite movie is Frozen! Did your daughter or husband make that?

    Your friend,
    Makena M.

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