Week 5 for Lollipop

Monday, Lollipop went home with Andy.  He met Andy’s puppy and they had fun together.  Lollipop drew a picture with Andy’s pencils and they had a blast!

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While Lollipop was at Andy’s house, a new friend joined.  Andy gave Lollipop a frog friend.  There are other “Humphrey” books and some of them have a frog in them too.  Thank you Andy!

Nicky took Lollipop home on Tuesday.  Lollipop rode on Nicky’s puppy, ate Mexican tacos and then he met Nicky’s other three dogs.

Lollipop went home with Tegan on Wednesday.  They went to Burger King for dinner and Tegan got a cheese burger.  They watched movies and Tegan tossed Lollipop into the air.  They read some more of the “Humphrey” book that night.

Dylan took Lollipop home on Thursday night.  They went to the store after school.  They bought chips and cereal.    Dylan’s mom then gave him a quarter for the quarter machine.  He got a blue Angry Bird eraser.  They went home and had chicken, potatoes and green beans for dinner.  They had ice cream for dessert.  After dessert they watched TV and went to bed.

Mrs. Miller took Lollipop home for the weekend!  Lollipop met Arlie and Makenna.  Mr. Miller was fishing that night so they got Sonic and watched Frozen before bed time.  Saturday, they did some work around the house first.  Mr. Miller took Makenna to see “Bears” at the movies.   She liked it a lot too!  On Sunday, everyone got more work done around the house and had Makenna’s favorite dinner!



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