Week 4 Lollipop

Monday May 5th, Lollipop went home with Stephanie.  He helped her with her homework and the family ate hotdogs and chicken for dinner.  Stephanie put in “Casper Meets Wendy” to watch.  They ate chips and salsa for a snack.  The kids played Hide and Go Seek and Lollipop picked a very good spot to hide!  That next morning he went with Stephanie to Walk to School.  They had fun.

Tuesday, he went home with Jacob.  Jacob let Lollipop play on his tablet and they played Subway Surfers.  They ate pizza and had fun.  Lollipop was left at Jacob’s home for a few extra days by accident but it sounds like they had fun.

Lollipop went home with Cynthia on Friday.  They first went to Cynthia’s aunt’s house to get her little sister and then to McDonalds for a soda.  They watched “Frozen” when they got home.  On Saturday Lollipop jumped on her bed and had ice cream for lunch.  They watched her uncle play Guitar Hero and then they went to the lake.  Sunday came and Cynthia finished the “Huphrey” book.  Her aunt came over to cook dinner and Cynthia had to clean her room.  It was a fun weekend.

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