Lollipop Week 3

Another epic week for Lollipop!

Monday night, Lollipop went home with Alexxis. He helped her with her homework and had fun telling stories with her sisters. Alexxis also made him a bed right next to her bed to sleep in so he didn’t have to sleep in the box.

Tuesday night, Lollipop went home with Quincey. They went to the store, worked on homework, watched Netflix, then finished the night by reading “The World According to Humphrey”.

Lollipop went home with Danna on Wednesday night. He got to ride on he dog’s back and watch the family eat tacos. He met her sisters Ivanna and Allison too. They watched T.V. and then listened to Danna’s mom read about Humphrey.

Thursday, during the day, Lollipop got an unexpected surprise! He got to go with our class to see “Bears” at the movie theater. Matthew was the lucky boy who got to take Lollipop and make sure he was having a good time. Lollipop thought is was amazing how much danger the bear family faced.

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On Thursday night, he went home with Daniel. Tacos again for dinner and then watched “The Amazing Spiderman”. They took a ride to pick up their P.T. Cruiser and Daniel fell asleep in the car. Later, they took a ride on Daniel’s scooter and bike, then played on the computer.

Friday was the start of the weekend and Lollipop went home with Zoei.  On Friday, they went to Stephanie’s house (she is in our class!), got pizza, watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

On Saturday, they watched “Three Little Pigs and a Baby”, and met some new friends.  Sunday was the busiest day!  Lollipop got to ride a horse and goats. He played in a different hamster cage and hamster ball.  They then went to the lake and he got to climb a tree.  His favorite part was the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling!

5 thoughts on “Lollipop Week 3

  1. What a wondefully fun class you have. Lucky Lollipop, going on such grand adventure and eating TACOS.

  2. dear.Zoei , I think that was an great idea zoei. I really loved it so much zoei . you should do that again zoei.

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