Letter “C” Day

Today was letter C day.  We ate cookies and with the cookies we did a fun experiment.   I got to crumble up the whole cookie to find chocolate chips.

-Reported by: Nevaeh


Today was letter C day.  We made a paper about our favorite cookie.  We also made a fossil digging paper.  We dug chocolate chips out of a cookie.  I had 42 fossils.

-Reported by: Alexander


cookie dig from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


5 thoughts on “Letter “C” Day

  1. Dear class, This was so much fun! I know I am having lots of fun with our ABC countdown. What about you? Which day is your favorite so far?

  2. What a fine group of Paleontologists you have there Mrs. Miller. They appear to have been successful at not eating thier fossils, which is more than I could have said for myself, had I excavated those delicious little morsels.

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