Lollipop after Week 1

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Lollipop has been to four houses this week.  He has helped Lilly clean up her mess and watched her eat mini cheeseburgers on Monday.  He also heard Lilly’s mom read chapter 2 and 3 from “The World According to Humphrey”.

On Tuesday, he went home with Rylee and wrote about going with Rylee to her babysitters house, eating hot pockets, playing with a kitty and watching a movie.

On Wednesday, Lollipop went home with Gus.  They played with his new puppy Gizmo, played on his tablet, had a dance party in the backroom and ate some crumb cakes. 

On Thursday, Christi got to take Lollipop home for the 3 day weekend!  Lollipop was able to go to the Library, go in Christi’s tree house and to a t-ball game.  Later he had pizza at Costco and went to Christi’s nana’s for a sleep over.  On Friday, they watched a movie and made bead necklaces.  On Saturday, the family celebrated an early Easter and went to the park for Uncle Travis.  Then on Sunday, they all collected eggs and Lollipop got to go see Rio 2 at the movie theater. 

Over all, it was a pretty successful first week.

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  1. Dear class, I think that it is so fun that your class has Lollipop to take home and do things with. I love reading about all the adventures Lollipop is taking with you! What great writers your class has!

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