Lollipop after week 2

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Lollipop had another exciting week.  Full of adventure and fun!  On Monday he went home with Zachary.  He went to a friend’s house and watched the boys play on the computer.  Zachary took Lollipop to WallMart for candy and Circle K for soda.  Later, Lollipop got to cuddle with Zachary’s dog Toby.

On Tuesday, Lollipop went home with Joseph.  They ate Mexican tacos for dinner and went to the mall.  Joseph bought a big bag of Takis and Cheetos with his own money.  Lollipop liked Joseph’s baby sister too.

Lollipop went home with Nevaeh on Wednesday.  He met her mom, uncle, grandma and little brother.  When Nevaeh’s mom was reading Humphrey that night, Lollipop got to play with Nevaeh’s brother.  They had spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner.  Lollipop also got to meet Nevaeh’s “real” hamster, Angel, and had a sleep over. 

On Thursday, Lollipop went home with Kaylin.  He watched her do her homework.  He met her little brother and two dogs.  They went to grandma’s house.  Kaylin and her uncle had a water gun fight.  Kaylin also showed her family some of the  experiments the class did that day.  They did the spear-it, balloon-up, penny change, and magic milk.  Lollipop stayed with Kaylin for the weekend and had fun playing in the water some more.

Letter “H” Day

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Today is hat day.  We had to bring our favorite hat.  During math groups we got a paper with a face on it.  We drawled our hat on it.  Mrs. Miller took pictures of our favorite hat on us too.

-Reported by: Gus


Today was hat day.  People wore their hats in class today.  Mrs. Miller took pictures of people with their hats on.

-Reported by: Matthew


Letter “G” day

Today is letter G day.  It is game day.  We played a lot of games.  We played 4 corners and all the games.

-Reported by: Zachary


We got to get out games and play them on Letter G Day and use our imaginations on the games when we played them.

-Reported by: Oryion


Letter “F” Day

Today is favorite day because it was letter F day.  I brought a frog stuffed animal.  Everyone shared, everyone clapped and asked questions.

-Reported by: Nicole


Letter F day.  We are going to bring something like what’s your favorite snack, favorite sport, and favorite color.  We also shared our stuff,

-Reported by: Alexxis


Letter “E” Day

Today is letter E day, it stands for experiment day.  One thing that we did is we got a bag out, we put half of water and then we got two sharp pencils, poked it in the bag and it didn’t leak out of the bag.

-Reported by: Stephanie



Today was letter “E” Day.  We did all sorts of experiments.  We did 10 experiments!  My favorite one was the lava lamp!  It’s posted right here.

-Reported by: Daniel

experiment day from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

Letter “C” Day

Today was letter C day.  We ate cookies and with the cookies we did a fun experiment.   I got to crumble up the whole cookie to find chocolate chips.

-Reported by: Nevaeh


Today was letter C day.  We made a paper about our favorite cookie.  We also made a fossil digging paper.  We dug chocolate chips out of a cookie.  I had 42 fossils.

-Reported by: Alexander


cookie dig from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Lollipop after Week 1

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Lollipop has been to four houses this week.  He has helped Lilly clean up her mess and watched her eat mini cheeseburgers on Monday.  He also heard Lilly’s mom read chapter 2 and 3 from “The World According to Humphrey”.

On Tuesday, he went home with Rylee and wrote about going with Rylee to her babysitters house, eating hot pockets, playing with a kitty and watching a movie.

On Wednesday, Lollipop went home with Gus.  They played with his new puppy Gizmo, played on his tablet, had a dance party in the backroom and ate some crumb cakes. 

On Thursday, Christi got to take Lollipop home for the 3 day weekend!  Lollipop was able to go to the Library, go in Christi’s tree house and to a t-ball game.  Later he had pizza at Costco and went to Christi’s nana’s for a sleep over.  On Friday, they watched a movie and made bead necklaces.  On Saturday, the family celebrated an early Easter and went to the park for Uncle Travis.  Then on Sunday, they all collected eggs and Lollipop got to go see Rio 2 at the movie theater. 

Over all, it was a pretty successful first week.

Letter “A” Day

Today, we started our ABC countdown.  We are going to have a letter each day until the last day of school.  Students will report daily for what we have going on.  That being said, here we go…


Today was all about me day.  Because it was A day.  We made posters to tell people what we like and our favorite things.  We are going to tell the whole class about our poster when we are done.

-Reported by Christilyn


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