Playing With Words

On Friday, our class has fun with a word association activity.  We played scoot with words written on index cards.  Students “scooted” around the room to each card and wrote down the first word that came to their minds. 


The next part of this activity was sharing our words.  We talked about what kinds of words they are and organized them in a table.  Here are some of our best results.

2014-03-29 10.40.31 2014-03-29 10.40.40 2014-03-29 10.40.48 2014-03-29 10.41.01 2014-03-29 10.41.09 2014-03-29 10.41.20 2014-03-29 10.41.28 2014-03-29 10.41.35

What do some of these words make you think of and what type of word is it?



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