Reading Magazines

Sometimes we read information from magazines.  This week we read from Scholastic News about nocturnal animals that have just been discovered.

Click here to see the magazine article we read…

After reading and closely looking for facts and information, we filled out a 3,2,1.

To fill out a 3,2,1, we needed to find

3 facts we learned while reading,

2 questions for the author, and

1 thing we found to be most interesting.


Here are some of the facts that were recorded from our class…

The owl’s hooting sounded like a whistle. -Luke

Scientists wanted to learn more about the animals that live in a part of Africa.-Rylee

Did you take these pictures or are they fake?- Rylee

Scientists were in the forest at night. -Nicole

Kayan Slow Loris is poisonous. -Jacob

They uses infrared cameras. -Nevaeh

Bats are nocturnal.-Kaylin


Here are some questions for the author recorded form our class…

How did you get so close?- Luke

How did you see the night animals? -Lilly

Are you a scientist? -Oryion

How did the three animals behave? -Nevaeh

Is there more new animals? -Xander

How does a Slow Loris poison you? -Xander

How does the camera take pictures in the dark?- Daniel


Here are the most interesting facts recorded from our class...

Badger Bats are black and white. -Tegan

Bats live in a part of Africa. -Kaylin

When they talked about the Badger Bat. -Daniel

Slow Lorises are poisonous. -Gus