Thinking about the number 100!

We read a book in math called “The King’s Commissioners”.  We talked about the story elements after we read it.

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Characters: King, Princess, Commissioners

Setting: A palace

Problem: The king wants to find out how many commissioners he has in the kingdom.  He lost count and was counting on his advisors to keep count for him.

Solution: Each advisor kept count by tallies but in different ways.  One counted by 2’s, another counted by 5’s and the princess organized the commissioners by 10’s.  Either way they counted, they got the same answer.


We looked at the numer 100 and wanted to see how many different ways we could make 100.  Students had to use a blank hundreds chart and counted the rows by 10’s and single blocks by 1’s.  They would color the remaining blocks and come up with an addition problem that would represent 100.

2013-11-16 09.29.25 2013-11-16 09.29.32 2013-11-16 09.29.37 2013-11-16 09.29.43

We organized our data and made sure we did not double up on facts.

2013-11-07 15.56.37

We came up with 65 different ways at first.  We looked at the patterns with numbers and talked about the facts we were missing. 

Are there any facts you can think of that equals 100?

One thought on “Thinking about the number 100!

  1. Dear Mrs. Miller’s Class,

    Wow! You did an amazing job of finding multiple ways to represent 100. The first one that pops into my head is 50 + 50 = 100, but I’m sure I saw that one! Did you enjoy the book? I always like incorporating literature and math with my students. I look forward to seeing your future math posts!

    Your possible future teacher,
    Mrs. Moore

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