Fire Safety

Second graders had Fire Safety last week.  We learned a lot of things and even got to go see the fire engine.

Here are some things we have learned…

Have an adult test the smoke alarm.-Luke

Smoke is poison. -Daniel

Plan a safe spot to meet once you are outside. -Christi

Don’t touch lighters or matches. -Dylan

Crawl down under the smoke if there is a fire. -Rudy

If we find a lighter or a match, we tell an adult.  We don’t pick it up. -Jacob

Test the door knob before opening the door. -Quincey

If the door knob is hot, go out the window. -Zachary

If your fire alarm is not working, it won’t tell you there is smoke. -Stephanie

Test the alarms at least each month. -Nevaeh

You can put a towel under the door to stop the smoke. -Nicole

Don’t hide if you hear the alarm. Get out! -Rylee

Make a plan on how to escape your house.  -Xander

Stay away for fire things. -Gus

Never breathe in smoke. -Kaila

If you catch on fire, you have to roll around. -Joseph

Don’t play with friends if they are playing with lighters or matches. -Zoei




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