We can solve!

Our class took on a challenge and wanted to find out which paper towel worked the best for us to write up for a lab writeup.  We used the blogsite Solve It Your Way.  As small groups, students met with the question and had to come up with a plan on how we should test this question.

We discussed all of our ideas and shared with the class.  We came up with a plan but needed to write our hypothesis.  We found three friends and shared our thoughts.

We tested these types of papertowels.

Students could not wait to get the experiment going.  They got the materials they needed and started to test the products.  Each team was also given an iPad to document their research. 


This was just the beginning.  Each student had to fill out a Lab Report using the scientific method to show their findings and results.  Below, are a few great examples from the write ups.



Which paper towel cleans up water the best? -Nicole



I think Sparkle will work the best because it looks like it will clean up water the best. -Kaylin

I think Sparkle will win, because I think they are softer than the others, and because they look cleaner. -Nevaeh

I think Sparkle will clean up the water the best because the picture is a sparkle house. -Tegan

I think they will all kinda clean the best but I think that Viva will work the best because it looks cleaner.- Rylee

I think Scott is going to win becasue it cleans up tough messes.- Jacob



1. Get a paper towel

2. Drop 2 water drops

3. Make sure it’s enough

4. Put paper towel onto the water

5. Wait a moment for the paper towel to get in the water

6. take the paper towel off



1. We got a paper towel

2. We dripped some water onto the table

3. We wiped up the water

4. We looked to see how much water it got.

5. We did the same with all five.



1. We dropped 1 drop of water

2. Then we dried the drop with the napkin

3. Then we found out witch one did the best




I think it is Bounty becasue it did not leave any water and my group thought it was Bounty too.  So we think it is Bounty so Bounty Wins.- Danna

I think Bounty was the best becasue Bounty cleaned up the best at our group and our group did not see a spill. -Zoei

The team and I thought that Bounty did the best becasue it left the least amount of water. -Kaylin



I thought Sparkle would win but I was wrong becasue I tried and tried and tried.  And my teacher told me too. It was Bounty that won. -Stephanie

I thought Sparkle would win but Bounty won. -Gus

I thought Sparkle was going to win but it didn’t win.  So I choose Scott, it worked. -Joseph

I thought Scott will do the best because I didn’t know that it was the worst, but actually Bounty did the best. -Daniel


Our amazing groups…

2013-11-20 13.55.45 2013-11-20 13.58.07 2013-11-20 13.55.01 2013-11-20 13.57.06




Thinking about the number 100!

We read a book in math called “The King’s Commissioners”.  We talked about the story elements after we read it.

2013-11-07 15.01.14

Characters: King, Princess, Commissioners

Setting: A palace

Problem: The king wants to find out how many commissioners he has in the kingdom.  He lost count and was counting on his advisors to keep count for him.

Solution: Each advisor kept count by tallies but in different ways.  One counted by 2’s, another counted by 5’s and the princess organized the commissioners by 10’s.  Either way they counted, they got the same answer.


We looked at the numer 100 and wanted to see how many different ways we could make 100.  Students had to use a blank hundreds chart and counted the rows by 10’s and single blocks by 1’s.  They would color the remaining blocks and come up with an addition problem that would represent 100.

2013-11-16 09.29.25 2013-11-16 09.29.32 2013-11-16 09.29.37 2013-11-16 09.29.43

We organized our data and made sure we did not double up on facts.

2013-11-07 15.56.37

We came up with 65 different ways at first.  We looked at the patterns with numbers and talked about the facts we were missing. 

Are there any facts you can think of that equals 100?

Red Ribbon Week

The last week of October is our Red Ribbon Week.  Just as we have done the last few years, we celebrated by holding a spirit week!  Each day had a different theme! Look at our class spirit!!!

Fire Safety

Second graders had Fire Safety last week.  We learned a lot of things and even got to go see the fire engine.

Here are some things we have learned…

Have an adult test the smoke alarm.-Luke

Smoke is poison. -Daniel

Plan a safe spot to meet once you are outside. -Christi

Don’t touch lighters or matches. -Dylan

Crawl down under the smoke if there is a fire. -Rudy

If we find a lighter or a match, we tell an adult.  We don’t pick it up. -Jacob

Test the door knob before opening the door. -Quincey

If the door knob is hot, go out the window. -Zachary

If your fire alarm is not working, it won’t tell you there is smoke. -Stephanie

Test the alarms at least each month. -Nevaeh

You can put a towel under the door to stop the smoke. -Nicole

Don’t hide if you hear the alarm. Get out! -Rylee

Make a plan on how to escape your house.  -Xander

Stay away for fire things. -Gus

Never breathe in smoke. -Kaila

If you catch on fire, you have to roll around. -Joseph

Don’t play with friends if they are playing with lighters or matches. -Zoei




Marty Inspired Statue Garden

After reading Chapter 8, we were inspired to try our own Stature Garden.  The students in Marty’s class were asked to improvise by creating a statue garden.  A student was asked to pick a place and describe who they were in that scene.  Then one by one, a group of students had to add another character to the scene.  Once the statue garden was set, the director said, “Action” and the statues had to come to life and do what would come next in the scene.  Our class did this improvise activity.  Please see below.


Garden #1- School

When the garden came to life…

Garden #1 School from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.



Garden #2- The Circus

When the garden came to life…

Garden #2 Carnival from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


Garden #3- WalMart

When the garden came to life…


Garden #3 Walmart from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.


How do you feel we did?  Was one them your favorite?  Which group did the best improvising?