Food and math always mix!

Today in math we took what we have been learning about even and odd numbers.  Our activity involved cookies and brown “e’s”.  Unfortunately we thought we were getting to eat cookies and brownies…not brown “e’s”.  We ate our cookies fast and started to sort our numbers.  We used different ways to solve the problems.  We counted by 2’s and drew dots to help us solve.  

Look at our final projects.

We like doing projects together with friends.  We talk out our problems and help others find new ways to solve.  When we can cooperate together, we learn more.  Do you like working with others or by yourself better?

One thought on “Food and math always mix!

  1. Dear Class,
    I thought you were having “brownies” too. Your teacher is very clever isn’t she? It was nice to see the samples of your task performance. Isn’t it nice to know there are many ways to solve a problem, any problem?
    Thank you for the work you are doing!
    Mrs. Farris

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