We are always learning new words and sometimes we have a hard time remembering.  We have started to act them out!  We get in groups and play charades for our friends to guess the word we are thinking about from our vocabulary list.

Sorry Dads! We’ve got the remotes now!!!

Who doesn’t like to have the remote control all to themselves?  Well our class does and we are learning how to use them in math.  Our teacher gives  us some math problems we type them into our remotes to show our answer.  Our teacher has an iPad that shows all of our answers right then and there.  We too get to see the correct answers.  Check out how focused we are doing our math problems!

Would you like to use remotes when answering questions?  Why or why not?

Food and math always mix!

Today in math we took what we have been learning about even and odd numbers.  Our activity involved cookies and brown “e’s”.  Unfortunately we thought we were getting to eat cookies and brownies…not brown “e’s”.  We ate our cookies fast and started to sort our numbers.  We used different ways to solve the problems.  We counted by 2’s and drew dots to help us solve.  

Look at our final projects.

We like doing projects together with friends.  We talk out our problems and help others find new ways to solve.  When we can cooperate together, we learn more.  Do you like working with others or by yourself better?

Second Grade Morning News

Our class takes part in morning meetings every morning to set our day up for success.  Take a peak at what we do.

Morning Meeting from Shannon Miller on Vimeo.

 Thanks to the amature  video skills of Kyle M (a former student).

Here is what some of us had to say…

“Morning meeting is awesome.  I love morning meeting.  I like morning meeting because I can share how I am feeling and it makes me proud of my self. “- Luke

“I like morning meeting because we get to share what we have to say.”-Allen

“I feel excited when we do morning meeting.  I like when we do the feelings.  I like best when we do morning greeting.” – Daniel

“I feel excited every time we do morning meeting.  What we do at morning meeting is tell about our feelings and talk about a new word.” -Brandi

“What I like best is the new word. “- Xander

“I feel excited about morning meeting because it is important when we share our feelings.” – Tegan

“What I like best is when we do our deep breathing and feelings and share a good and a bad thing we want to change.” – Lilly

Why does Mrs. Miller think it is important?

I think it is important to start the day on the right foot.  I can feel the excitement of the class when we come together and share our feelings, thoughts and new ideas

If you participate in morning meeting, what do you like about it?  If you don’t, what do you think you would like about being apart of a morning meeting class?