We Are Family!!!

Fact Families I mean!

In second grade, it is super important to know all about fact families!  So this week we played some games and learned different ways to show them.  We wrote in our math journals about what makes a fact family and then we created our own definition.

“Three numbers related together to make 2 addition and 2 subtraction problems”

We were then given a number sentence that was part of a fact family.  Without talking we had to walk around the room and find our “family”.  We learned to look for the same three numbers in a different order.  Once we found our “family members” we sat down and laid our sentence stripes down to check.

We are understanding that if we know our addition facts…it will help us with our subtraction facts!  Our next game was called “Pass the Family Relay”.  Each group of four was given a set of three numbers.  The first person in the group wrote one math sentence and passed it to the next person until the fact family is complete.  The first team done would stand up and wait until all teams were done.  Look at the excitement and teamwork!

We think we are getting it and our teacher is proud!  What are your thoughts on fact families?





2 thoughts on “We Are Family!!!

  1. Dear Miller Movie Stars,
    I am glad you are working on your fact families so that addition and subtraction becomes very easy for you. If you can solve facts quickly it will help you with multiplication and division when you get older.
    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Farris

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