Perfect Attendance!

Way to go class!  Since school started, we have been adding a letter each day we have perfect attendance!  We have just spelled out the word “PERFECT!”  Awesome job being here everyday so we can learn more!


2013-08-26 09.15.48


3 thoughts on “Perfect Attendance!

  1. Dear Miller Roadrunners,
    Attendance is so very important isn’t it? You can’t learn if you are not here. Way to be role models. I wonder when you will win again?
    Mrs. Farris

  2. Mrs. Miller’s Class,
    Congratulations!! I am proud that you have all been in school for so many days. It is best to be in school every day so that you can keep on learning. Also, I really like how your lines are always so quiet. Lots of good choices going on in your heads!!

    Mrs. Seese

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