Show me the “difference”…

Our class has been struggling with subtraction, so today we slowed it down and had to “show” Mrs. Miller what is looks like.  We had to try and come up with the most creative way to show a subtraction problem.  We found a group and planned how we would show our problem.  Below are some ways we did it! 

We are trying to decide who came up with the most creative way to show a subtraction problem.  What do you think?  Vote below and you can even leave a comment on why.

Vote for your favorite "Show Me Subtraction"

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4 thoughts on “Show me the “difference”…

  1. This was a GREAT way for you to show Mrs. Miller that you understand what a subtraction number sentence really means. I think I will try this idea with my SuperStars! I could not choose one favorite group. I had three favorites!! They are: Groups 1, 3, and 8.

  2. This was really awesome! I enjoyed looking at these great subtraction sentences! I voted for my favorite but I won’t tell you which one it was!!! Nice job second graders!

  3. Thank you Miller Mathematicians! I am so glad to see that you are “showing what you know”. When you can make sense of numbers the world of math will open up to you and be much easier. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Farris
    P.S. I could not choose because all were impressive to me!

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