First Couple Weeks…


We have been second graders for a whole 8 days now!  The things we know and the friends we have met has been amazing!  We did a lot of things to get to know each other and build relationships.  Check us out!!!

Is there something we should add to our poster of a Great Classmate?  What kind of “SMART” do you think you are?  Which way do you learn best?


One thought on “First Couple Weeks…

  1. Dear 2nd Graders,

    Wow! It looks like you have had a busy first 8 days! I am glad to see that there are all different kinds of smart in your classroom. I don’t know what kind of smart I am, but if I had to guess I would say self-smart!

    I also love your classmate poster! Can those qualities also be used to describe a good citizen on campus?

    Your friend,
    Miss Holmquist

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