Letter Z Day

Letter  Z  Day: Zoo Day

 Last day of school!  We drew our own zoo and brought stuffed animals for our zoo day.  What a GREAT year with a GREAT bunch of kids!  Thank you parents for sharing your sweet children with me this year!


–Reporting live written by Mrs. Miller

Letter X Day

Letter  X  Day: Xtra Xtra Day

 A day filled with extra recess, extra computers and extra drawing time.


–Reporting live written by  Mrs. Miller



Awards Day

These are the top kids on our class.  They worked super duper hard this year and we honored them today with a small awards assembly.  Way to go kids!!!

Letter Y Day

Letter  Y  Day: Yearbook Day

 Today was letter Y day.  We wrote in a year book and filled it in.  We signed other people’s yearbooks.  It was fun!


–Reporting live written by Nathan

Letter W Day

Letter  W  Day: Weather  Day

Today was Weather Day.  We watched videos about the weather.  I liked the tornado one best.  We worked on a weather packet learning about different weather.


–Reporting live written by Christian

Letter V Day

LetterDay: Vacation  Day

Today was Vacation Day.  We brought our beach towels and did our work on them.  We decorated flip flops and relaxed.


–Reporting live written by Makayla



Letter U Day

Letter U Day: Un  Day

Today was U day.  It stands for un day.  We made our names backwards and wrote letters backwards.  We even read a story backwards.


–Reporting live written by Atiana


Letter T Day

Letter T Day: Thousands Day

 Today is Thousands Day.  Today  we played Thousands games and Bingo.  We also turned 1,000 into a picture.

–Reporting live written by  Brooke




Letter S Day

Letter S Day: Salsa Day

Today was letter S day.  We ate different kinds of salsas.  We voted on which one was our favorite.

–Reporting live written by Nathan



Letter R Day

Letter R Day: Reading Day

Today was letter R day. We read books and I made my AR goal!  It was fun.  I got to help people in the class.  We too 188 tests and 125 were 100%.


–Reporting live written by John