Letter G Day

Letter G Day: Game Day

Today was letter G day.  We played games.  I want to play the dinosaur game and Connect Four.


–Reporting live written by Aiden



4 thoughts on “Letter G Day

  1. Dear Mrs.Millers class the letter G day was so cool and i wish we could play games all day like that.What day did you do the letter G day on?That would be so great if you did get to play the dinosaur game and connect four.What games did your class play and how did you play them?

    Your friend Hailey

  2. Dear Aiden, Tatum & I think that the game day looked awesome to me. How did you think that game day is g day? What is your favorite game Aiden.
    Your friend,
    Tatum & Kaylee

  3. Dear Aiden,
    How do you play the dinosaur game? What other games did you play? Those games sound fun. Hope you all had fun!

    Your friends,
    Eva and Darren

  4. Dear Aiden,
    What was your favorite game? Did you have candy land? That’s my favorite game. What is your favorite game?

    Your friend,

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