Letter F Day


Letter F Day: Favorite Day

Today was letter F day.  It was Favorite Day.  We wrote about our favorite thing, our favorite color and our favorite thing to do.


–Reporting live written by Catie

Our favorite things!

A time to show and tell.

Favorite toys, cousins, and colors

Letter E Day

Letter E Day: Experiment Day

Today was letter E Day for Experiment Day.  Today we did lots of experiments.  It was a very cool day too.  Mrs. Miller used a whole bunch of cool liquids and and things to do it.

–Reporting live written by Hailee

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Letter D Day

Letter D Day: Dictionary Day

Today was letter D day, it was dictionary day.  We made a paper and on the paper we wrote definitions and guide words.

–Reporting live written by Josie