Letter B Day

Letter B Day: Book Day

Today was letter B day and it stands for favorite book day.  Mrs. Miller gave us a piece of paper that had a book on it but no picture.  We had to take our book and copy off the title and draw the front cover.

–Reporting live written by Brianna

4 thoughts on “Letter B Day

  1. Dear MMS, (I like that Miller’s Movie Stars have the same initials as me!)

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts about your End of the Year Alphabet! You are all now book illustrators. Maybe I should collect all of your autographs for when you publish your first books. You are going to be famous! I am looking forward to seeing what activities the rest of the letters of the alphabet will bring!
    Please keep me posted. I am going to make some predictions of what I think each coming letter will be!
    Your friend,
    Mrs. Salmon

  2. drear Brianna, In my old school the first
    graders wear doing all the colors. Like blue,red,yellow,and amber.

  3. Dear Brianna,

    My name is Brianna too. Was Letter B Day fun? I bet your front cover was very pretty. Did you like Book Day? If I was in Mrs. Miller’s class I would have so much fun.
    Your friend,

  4. dear Brianna, At my old school it was the first graders were doing all colors. Like blue,red,yellow, and amber. what are all the colors you did.
    Sincerely Brendan

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