Kindness Activity

Mrs. DeSantis came to our class to talk about Random Acts of Kindness.  We learned about PRIDE.  We talked about pride being effort+success=pride.  After we talked about nice phrases to write, the students were given chalk to go outside and write nice things for others to read.

Make your own photo slideshow at Animoto.

10 thoughts on “Kindness Activity

  1. Dear Mrs.Millers class,

    I really like your blog. Visit my teachers blog at . How is jacob doing in class.

  2. To Mrs. Miller’s class,

    It sounds like Mrs. DeSantis had a very important message. I really enjoyed watching the Animoto you made with your chalk drawings and messages. It put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  3. Dear Mrs.Millers class,

    Your blog is super cool.Mrs.Desantis did the with us is that cool.The video is so cool and peaceful.

    Your new friend,
    PS,look at my teachers blog at

  4. Dear Mrs.Miller’s Class,

    I like your pitcher slide show and the puppy. Is he getting married or something he looks like he Is getting married. anyways I like really like it and is that dog your pet or just a randomly pitcher of a dog and made that video?

    Your new friend,

  5. Dear Mrs. Millers class

    Our class did the same thing and I wrote make a new friend this year

    Your new friend


  6. Dear Mrs.Miller,

    Hello my name is Hunter. I really liked that video you made about random act of kindness video. Just one question how do you make a animoto

    Your friend,

  7. Dear Mrs.miller’s class,

    I like your new blog and I hope it gets bigger and bigger. But when you you put more things on it make sure you comment back to me and I can see it too and i can comment back to you.hope you have fun doing all of your projects in your class.
    love your,
    friend Katie

  8. Dear Mrs.Millers class,

    I like you video that your class did on the your blog about kindness and the words that they did are so big.Do you like the blog that you put up?I think your blog is so cool and Stephanie and I like the millerwood we thought it was so funny!!There is one more thing why did they write so big in the video because that was funny.


  9. Dear Mrs.Millers class,

    I am so glad that you guys have a new blog.So whats the info for today.So what else did Mrs.DeSantis say

    Love your friend


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