Letter P Day

Letter P Day: Puzzle Day

Today was letter P day. It was Puzzle Day.  We did a puzzle packet and we made our own puzzles.  It was lots of fun!


Reporting Live written by Diana



Letter O Day

Letter O Day: Orange Day

Today was letter O day which stands for Orange Day.  Mrs. Miller took a picture of all the 2nd grade classes.  Whoever has the most orange shirts wins.  One fact I learned today was that orange is the only word in the English language that is both a fruit and a color.


–Reporting live written by Hannah



Letter N Day

Letter N Day: Number Day

Today was letter N day.   It was Number Day.  We did 2 packets for number day.  We watched 2 videos too for number day.  We did games for number day using dice.  It was fun.


–Reporting live written by Rayshell

Letter M Day

Letter M Day: Match Day

Today was letter M day.  We matched our shirts.  It was fun but we didn’t get very many matches.


–Reporting live written by Brenden

Letter L Day

Letter L Day: Lunch Day

Today was letter L day. It was lunch day.  The class got to go in the classroom and watch Alvin and the Chipmunks.


–Reporting live written by Jacob

Letter K Day

Letter K   Day: Kindness Day

Today was kindness day.  We made kind cards and we watched a kind video that had kindness in it.  If you don’t be kind and if you don’t treat others like you want to be treated you might be sad.  You want to be treated like you want to be treated.

–Reporting live written by Michelle


Today was Kindness Day.  We should always use manners because every manner you use helps guide you to your future.

–Reporting live written by Megan

Letter J Day

Letter J Day: Joke Day

Today was letter J day.  The letter J stands for Joke day.  My favorite joke is…

What are planets favorite kinds of books to read?


Comet books!  ha ha ha


–Reporting live written by Ahtziri

Letter I Day

Letter I Day: Insect Day

Today was letter I day insect day.  We got an insect fun packet.  Then worked on it and some pages.


–Reporting live written by Carson

Letter H Day

Letter H Day: Hat Day

 Today was letter H day.  It was Hat day. We wore hats inside the class.  We wrote what our hats looked like and drew them.


–Reporting live written by Kyle





Letter G Day

Letter G Day: Game Day

Today was letter G day.  We played games.  I want to play the dinosaur game and Connect Four.


–Reporting live written by Aiden