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We are Three Title I Specialists @ SMES!  Let us introduce ourselves.  


Celia Butler has a been Title I Reading Specialist for many years @ SMES.  Mrs. Butler’s favorite book is The Secret Garden by Frances Burnett. This book is a children’s classic with all the ingredients of a great story…the hidden key to enter the walled garden and meet a new friend.  Can you imagine the Secret Garden becoming a part of your own world?  What would that be like for you and your friend?  Reading is such a Friend!

Jayne Ewell has been a Title I Reading Specialist in the district for ten years, with the last four years at SMES. Mrs. Ewell’s favorite book is A Pocket for Corduroy by Don Freeman. This book is at the top of her favorite list because it expresses caring, considerate human values throughout the story. Corduroy’s  constant wonder and joy in the world reminds her of her childhood. The ending is precious . . .  Who doesn’t want to receive a special gift like Corduroy’s pocket with his name tucked inside?

Robyn Gonzales joined the SMES staff eleven years ago.  She has been a Title I Specialist for the past four years and the school’s Common Core Coach for the past two years. Mrs. Gonzales’ favorite book is Because of Winn Dixie. She loves this book for many reasons.  The main reason is that the author does an excellent job developing the characters, especially Opal.  Opal is a very independent, courageous, curious  and out going young girl.  She is this way because of the things that have happened in her life at such a young age.  She is raised by only her father and moves often.  While she wonders about her mother, she seems to look for the best in people and situations.  Because of the nature of her character, she enjoys other people, makes friends easily, and others seem to enjoy her as well.  Mrs. Gonzales loves the relationships that are built in the story between people of various ages as well as her dog Winn Dixie.  She also loves the seriousness of the story along with the elements of humor throughout the book!

The Joy of Reading, Skills/Strategies, Solving Math Story problems, reading for meaning (comprehension) makes a difference in our students’ lives everyday!

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