Last Day of School at SMES…..

The last day of school this year was Thursday, May 22.  Last days are always filled with both excitement and sadness.  To lessen the sadness and keep everyone in a happy mood… someone decided to play a friendly prank on one of the teachers.  Mr. Jatta has a nice boat on the top of his truck that has been there everyday since he arrived at SMES.  It’s been a continuous joke that we have with him about when the boat will finally come down off his truck.  We decided to take the boat down ourselves and ¨hide¨ it around the school with various staff members.  Mrs. Wallace sent out pictures throughout the day to the staff asking… where is Mr. Jatta’s boat now?  Take a minute to view the pictures we posted and then tell us ¨who you are and where would you have hid Mr. Jatta’s boat?¨

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SMES teachers collaborating to create PBL experiences for their students….

On Thursday, September 26 classroom teachers met with their collaboration coaches to begin work on planning their new projects for the second quarter.  Teachers discussed topics and created essential questions that would drive their project based learning with their students.  I look forward to the learning that is going to take place in the classrooms.  Can you begin to guess what topics each grade level will be working on next semester?


On Friday, September 6 the AR committee members planned a wonderful kick off event for the students, staff, and parents of Superstition Mountain Elementary School. Colleen Bean (the AR committee chairperson) along with Pam Turner (music girl at SMES) collaborated together to bring book characters to life. Favorite books titles of staff members were shared and book characters joined the show.  We were joined by the Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and Madaline.  The chorus sang a great song about reading and the students were encouraged to read lots of books this year. I appreciated all the hard work that everyone did and look forward to hearing more from the students and families at SMES about what their favorite books are. Share with us your favorite book titles here on our blog….

My First Post

I have started to create a blog for the community of Superstition Mountain Elementary School.  I am excited to be learning how to “blog” with a group of teachers at SMES who are dedicated to each other and excited to be learning as a team.  Our collaboration coaches are stepping out in the front of the line to learn to blog with the help of Tracy Watanabe, our district integration specialist.  Together our hope is to spread the word about all the wonderful things happening at SMES.