On Friday, September 6 the AR committee members planned a wonderful kick off event for the students, staff, and parents of Superstition Mountain Elementary School. Colleen Bean (the AR committee chairperson) along with Pam Turner (music girl at SMES) collaborated together to bring book characters to life. Favorite books titles of staff members were shared and book characters joined the show.  We were joined by the Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, Captain Underpants, and Madaline.  The chorus sang a great song about reading and the students were encouraged to read lots of books this year. I appreciated all the hard work that everyone did and look forward to hearing more from the students and families at SMES about what their favorite books are. Share with us your favorite book titles here on our blog….

5 thoughts on “READ READ READ

  1. Dear Mrs. Wallace and SMES,

    My favorite book is a book I had some of my more mature fifth graders read when I was still in the classroom — The Breadwinner by Deborah Ellis. This book helps us understand the last 13 years or so in Afghanistan, and the reality of life under the Taliban. The main character, Parvana, a 12 year old girl, lives with her family in a one room apartment of a building that has mainly been bombed-out. Her father was arrested by the Taliban since he was an educated man, and there were no other men in her family. This was a problem since women couldn’t appear in public unless covered head to toe and had a male chaperon. Her family becomes increasingly desperate without income or a food source, until Parvana conceives a plan.

    This book is about hope and the power of education and learning, even in despairing situations. I recommend this book for sixth graders and mature fifth graders. Royalties from the sale of The Breadwinner goes toward educating Afghan girls in Pakistani refugee camps.

    Does this book sound interesting to you?

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

  2. My favorite book is Anne Frank.I like that book because it is very thrilling to see if they get caught by the nazis. What the book is about is a girl named Anne Frank and the book is based on her diary.She was german so someone translated it for the book.Anyway it was about her life and what happens.And they are hiding from the nazis with 7 other people.There is a guy named peter who she likes and they kiss but no one knows.

    • Brooke,
      What a great book… talk to Mrs. Donnelly about that story because I know that when she taught she read the book the Diary of Anne Frank with her students. Thank you for sharing on my post.

  3. This is a great idea for a post Mrs. Wallace! One of my favorite children’s books is called,The Rule of Three by Meagan McDonald. It’s about three sisters who fight all the time. They always make up in the end though. It tells all about their fights. The main characters are the three sisters, Stevie, Alex, and Joey. I have read that book almost six times. It’s definitely a must read! What is your favorite book Mrs. Wallace?

    • SeAnna,
      I will have to find that book and read it…it makes me think of my sisters and I. There were three of us and it always seemed like 2 against 1 but in the end we all had each other. My favorite book is The Witch of Blackbird Pond… have you read that?

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