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Titra – WHAT?

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KandisGianna titrationThe most recent lab that we had been conducting

in our magnificent classroom was a titration lab experiment of instructing.

For the first time, we were actually split up into groups

conducting the same experiment just in separate loops.

I have to admit this was much more…. gratifying?

I’m not sure about my class mates but I learned more when I was able to do the classifying.

It was much more hands on

and then later we were able to compare our results, we were close to dead on.

Now to get to the fun stuff,

the lab itself was…different and kind of tuff.

It was tedious

and I felt like after the 6th “performance” it was becoming quite horrendous.

Besides the 3rd evaluation,

all of the results were close in ration,

that is to say dropping potassium permanganate, not dilute,  

into a vile of hydrogen peroxide salute

mixed with hydrochloric acid and awaiting the counting drops

until it no longer disappeared but rather turned the solution peach tinted, KERPLOP!

My partner and I then assumed

that the 3rd performance must have contained some error on our part, so we were doomed….

maybe we miscounted?

Nothing can be doubted.

It was educational none the less

and kept me counting all day, I guess!

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