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Chemistry in Church!?!

October 13, 2013 by Kandis · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

So a few Sunday’s ago, I went to church like every Sunday but this time I was in for a BIG surprise. We had a guest preacher and the topic he chose wasn’t far from ordinary. He was speaking on how God was so specific that he had made the world as He had, and the speaker was using the basic explanation of photosynthesis to do it, trying to explain why the leaves fall off the trees and blah blah blah. He went all out on it too, with a slide show presentation and a video to explain. I knew that this stuff we were learning in class could be applied to real life, I mean Mrs. Lorance told us so so it had to be right, but I never would have thought I would see it in church! But the fact that it was in the church sermon wasn’t the funniest part. The funny part was the fact that I felt like such a nerd when I had to raise my hand and correct the speaker because he kept using the term carbon MONoxide rather than carbon DIoxide! Not to mention when I did correct him, he hadn’t realized that there was even a difference between the two!!!

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  • slorance

    Kandis –
    I am so impressed that you were willing to approach the speaker and talk with him about the correct chemistry involved in his example. I love when real life presents itself to reveal that indeed, chemistry is all around us and very much a part of our daily lives! Thanks for sharing! đŸ™‚
    Mrs. Lorance

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