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That darn Stoich

September 19, 2013 by marcosl · 1 Comment · Uncategorized

SmoresStoichiometryMarcosIn our quest to figure out AP Chemistry we run into stoichiometry :/….. If anyone has done this before they know the how tedious this can be for everyone. Our dark lord (Ms. Lorance) took a tiny baby step to understand the stoich. She says let’s make dessert!!! A simple s’mores making section…. In the lab!!! We used the burners for the fun activity 🙂 (a first for me). The lesson came in when we had to figure out how to see how many we could make with the materials. We had a possibility of making 36 s’mores with the crackers, 24 with our chocolate and about 32 with our marshmallows. Making chocolate our limiting reagent. We ended up making 19 s’mores and and 17 crackers left and 5 chocolates left… we would have counted the marshmallows but one of classmates decided he wanted to chop down on them. I ate 4 s’mores that day and I was like WOOOW!! Tons of C6H12O6!!!!

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  • Tracy Watanabe

    Dear Mrs. Lorance’s class,

    What I like about how you are learning stoichiometry is your hands on learning and construction of theory for how stoichiometry works, rather than watching a video and memorizing the equation.

    Yummy learning!

    Kind regards,
    Mrs. Watanabe

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