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Beware the S’more Stoich Monster!

September 19, 2013 by Colby · No Comments · Uncategorized

The monstrous stoichiometry is a terrifying beast that forces those who find it to form stuff from other stuff! The Stoich is everywhere! It’s in your soap, your water, and your favorite food! But it’s especially in your s’mores! How is it in my s’mores? Good question! Say you have:

One bag of marshmallows(Mm) (36 in a bag)
One box of graham crackers(S) (48 crackers in a box *divided into two parts)
And three Hershey chocolate bars (4 pieces of chocolate in each(Or))

But how many S’mores does that make? Well the Stoich says:

2S + Mm + Or = S’more

We have 36 marshmallows and so could make 36 S’mores, right? Wrong!
Because the Stoich says we need 2 graham crackers per S’more we can only make 24 S’mores. But!! 24 S’mores needs 24 pieces of chocolate, and we only have 12 pieces. So now we can only make 12 S’mores. Sad day! Thanks for the help Stoich!

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