Mrs. Kotte

2nd Grade

Hardships on the Trail!


Wow! It’s been three weeks since we last wrote a journal entry.  Life on the trail has proven very, very hard. Some of the problems we have had are people coming down with a really bad disease we call Cholera.  Lots of our group have perished from this disease.

Some of us have really really tired feet.  It is hard walking so many miles for so many days!  We definitely have blisters on our feet.  Crossing the river is really hard. The river is deep and we could have drowned.  We have also experienced our food running low.  We are worried about not having enough to eat.

Another problem we have had is big storms.  Lighting is really dangerous and scary.  It might even strike us and hurt us!

Hopefully we will get to where we are going SOON!!


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We have been travelling for a week now!


Our westward movers  have been travelling through the frontier for one week now (1 school day = 1 travelling week).

We have been travelling so far that our feet are really tired and hurt!  We have blisters on our feet!  Sleeping well has been really difficult.  We were excited at the beginning but it is getting a little boring because it all looks the same.  We wonder if anything will change soon!

Some of the things we have seen so far are buffalo, even a baby buffalo!  It was really cute. 🙂   We saw a covered wagon from another family and we were really excited!  The other family looks a lot like us.

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We’re setting out!


Our class of westward movers are  heading out!  We are both excited and nervous about the trip.

Some things we are nervous about are buffalo charging at our wagon, indians might attack us, that our wagon might break down, and that so many others are moving west at the same time.

Some thing we are excited about are climbing up the mountains, that we get to see things we have never seen before (like buffalo), selling fur, and going in our wagon to see new people and hopefully friends!

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Our class is moving West!! Westward Ho!


Our pioneers, fur trappers and gold miners researched and discussed what they were planning to take on their trek west.


Our pioneers are taking food, water, cooking items, clothing like overall’s and dresses, and campfire stuff.  We will put it in a covered wagon!


Our fur trappers are taking water, food, guns to hunt with, and traps for the animals.  They will put these in a covered wagon along with bullets (to make sure they have enough).  Clothing and a tent are also very important.


Our gold miners are taking water, food, clothing, pick ax, pail/buckets, gold pan, shovels, shoes and horses.  We are also taking food for the horses and utensils as well.


We can’t wait to get started on our travels!

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JCPenney Adopted Our Classroom!!


Wow!  What an exciting day 🙂  We just found out that JCPenney adopted our classroom and made a donation of 100$ for class supplies!  We used it to help purchase items to build our Daily 5 reading activities for our word work center.

Our class is so thankful to have received this wonderful donation as we are heading towards the holiday for giving thanks 🙂


What is even better is anyone can donate so you never know if we will be “Adopted” again!

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Contact Info Updated! :)


Now you know how to get a hold of me during the school day 🙂

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About Me page updated!


Step 1 ~ about me page done!  Still feeling timid about getting it right but I think it looks pretty good so far!about me

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Hello world!


Welcome to my brand  new blog!

 I am very excited for the coming school year and can’t wait to get into the class with my new students 🙂




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