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Pumpkin Fun

On Thursday, October 31st we had a whole lot of fun with pumpkins.  Our class participated in a state-wide Pumpkin Activity.  The students got to practice their estimation and measurement skills.  It was a little eerie for some of them when they had to put their hand into the pumpkin to dig out the seeds.  All in all, it was a very eventful project where students had to practice their mathematical skills.  We ended up with a pumpkin that weighed approx. 4 pounds with over 450 seeds.  Who would have ever thought that such a small pumpkin could produce so many seeds!  To end our project a classroom mom (Mrs. Rock) took our seeds home and baked them into a yummy treat. 

We would love to hear comments about our project.

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Johnny Appleseed “Inspectors”



Our class became official “Johnny Appleseed” inspectors on September 26th in honor of his birthday.   Students had to examine the inside and outside of an apple. They then had to describe in writing what they saw.  This they did very well as true apple inspectors have to take this job very seriously.  After all, we were honoring a very important man who spent his life planting apple seeds.  Take a look at some of their findings.

Some of the students also compared and contrasted the nutritional food labels of an “Apple vs. Apple Teddy Bear Grahams”.  Be sure to ask them questions about this on our Blog.




Morning Meetings

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Our class meets every morning to discuss feelings, ways to become a better learner, and a variety of other topics of interest.  This is a special time for connection with our classmates. The students also recently wrote in their Journal about our “Morning Meeting” time. Here are a few of their comments:

Johnny B. says: “I like Morning Meeting because we talk about kindness.”

Gracie S. says: “I like our Morning Meeting time because we have a Kindness Jar and we talk about being kind to each other.”

Jayden S. says: “I think it is good because it is a time when you meet.”

Zabdiel B. says: “I like Morning Meeting time because we talk about our feelings.”

Emily M. says: “I like that we share our feelings and get a time to connect. We also talk about what we can do better.”

Aryana M. says: “It is fun because we can share about ourselves.”

Taylor E. says: “It is a time to connect with our class.”

Natalie G. says: “I like doing the Kindness Jar stuff.”



What is a Great Classmate?

Our class worked on Community Building this week. We completed the chart on “What Makes a Great Classmate”. What do you think about our list?  Can you think of any other items that we should consider to help us foster excellence in all that we do?

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