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Global Read Aloud – 2015


Our class is reading “Fish in a Tree” for our Global Read Aloud project. What are your thoughts when someone might feel as if they are a fish in a tree? What do you think could be done to make that person feel better?

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Book Sharing


Dear Class,

We all have been reading quite a bit these past few weeks.  What is your favorite book and why?  My favorite book series is the Black Lagoon book set.  I really enjoy reading about all of the antics of the characters in this series.  I used to read one of these books every day when school first started in second grade. We had a lot of laughs listening to all of the different things that happened in each book. Maybe you want me to reread a few of these books to you now that you are in fourth grade? Looking forward to hearing about your favorite book.

Your Teacher,

Ms. Best


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