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Morning Meetings

2013-09-06 09.52.39


Our class meets every morning to discuss feelings, ways to become a better learner, and a variety of other topics of interest.  This is a special time for connection with our classmates. The students also recently wrote in their Journal about our “Morning Meeting” time. Here are a few of their comments:

Johnny B. says: “I like Morning Meeting because we talk about kindness.”

Gracie S. says: “I like our Morning Meeting time because we have a Kindness Jar and we talk about being kind to each other.”

Jayden S. says: “I think it is good because it is a time when you meet.”

Zabdiel B. says: “I like Morning Meeting time because we talk about our feelings.”

Emily M. says: “I like that we share our feelings and get a time to connect. We also talk about what we can do better.”

Aryana M. says: “It is fun because we can share about ourselves.”

Taylor E. says: “It is a time to connect with our class.”

Natalie G. says: “I like doing the Kindness Jar stuff.”



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